The modern world is running in the tracks of the internet. From business to education, from healthcare to travel, everything is there for people to access online. There is so much information on the internet that search engines like google have become a big part of our daily life to get relevant information out. Now when there is a business, there will be competition, and when there is competition, there will be a remedy to get to the top.

For content and information that remedy is basically to search engine optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic for webmasters who want to keep the traffic meter on their website as high as possible and diffuse their content as much as possible. Here we are going to talk about just that important feature of the online world.

What is SEO?

For beginners, it is better to start at the very basics. Now when the question arises that what SEO is, most straightforward answer would be that it is just a complicated process that is used to affect the position or visibility of one’s website in the rankings of the unpaid search engine. What it means is that by using search engine optimization, you can achieve the top spot in the search engine so that when visitors search about something, your website is the first one they see and visit. That will increase the traffic on your website. Now just the definition of SEO will not be that helpful as there remain various questions like how it works? What is good and bad SEO? How much time should be paid on SEO? Etc. However, as a webmaster or business owner, these questions are not very useful now. You only need to focus on how to use SEO to keep your traffic meter high, and we are going to focus on just that.

Why is SEO important?

Now, if the next question that comes to your mind is “is the SEO even important,” then the answer would be it’s not just important, it’s one of the most important factors. Why? Because for a particularly relevant topic or issue, there can be a lot of traffic in the search engine, which can be turned into a business. Not just because the numbers are randomly high but because that traffic is very specific and high intent.

For instance, suppose you are trying to sell something, and you need to advertise it. Would you rather buy a billboard so that it can only attract some people of a particular area or have your advertisement come up every time someone searches about that specific thing? Obviously, the second one sounds more appealing. That is also because those people are not just randomly searching for something, but they are in need of that thing, which makes them potential buyers of you. So SEO is the key to your successful business.

People are always searching for the things they need online. This makes traffic coming to your content directly important to you, and this traffic also allows you to connect with visitors. If you are able to tickle their interests, answer their questions, you will also be able to establish yourself as a trusted partner. That helps a lot in the business in the long run.

It is seen that buyers are always more likely to buy things from a website that is trusted and has a good brand value than some random nameless site. It makes them feel safer about their products and the business deal.

What drives the traffic from the search engines?

Though it is needless to say google is the undisputed king of the search engine market and therefore, most of the traffic is directly linked to Google. However, it may depend on personal preferences, but most people want their businesses or websites to show up in Google.

However, no matter which search engine you are using, the search results are continually changing. Nothing is stable. For instance, Google has started to rank the websites in a very strange manner, which has made it quite risky for webmasters to get their pages in ranks in the simplest or cheapest ways.

Google has very complicated algorithms to decide their ranks. A lot of research is needed to be done to understand them deeply. But the summary is that Google rewards the contents that are high quality and that has a satisfying answer to the questions posed by the audience.

One of the main ways of determining the relevance of your content is by reviewing the keywords. The algorithm automatically goes through the keywords to determine the relevance of the content. The quality, however, is determined by several things. For example, Google can check the number of websites that have used links of your website in their content which can make your chances high.

There are various other factors also that can make your site less search engine optimized. For example, Google looks for additional details to determine the rankings,   as the feedback of the audience who have visited your website. It tracks the number of viewers who stayed and read your content and those who have entered your site and then returned to the search page and click on another link which indicates that your website did not fulfill his or her query. It also sees your loading speed that can determine the user-friendliness and ranking of your website.