Blogs, Blogs, Blogs, it’s all about the blogs. They seem to be all the buzz these days. Every company has them and those that don’t have them want them. It’s the hottest asset that a company or self-employee can have for several reasons, and one is the ability to make money.

There are several ways to make money blogging, some of which require little to no technical knowledge. Below you’ll find a few ways that you can start making money today and also ways that take a little time to develop.

Expectations V. Reality

Before we introduce the methods to start making money today, we would like to point out the importance of beginning with clear expectations. Making money off a blog doesn’t happen overnight and it is not a get rich quick scheme. Keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of patience until you start seeing more traffic to your site and or more clicks of added links. It always helps to first take a small introductory crash course into SEO methods and increasing traffic just to get some ideas flowing before setting up a profitable blog. This is not something where you can quit your job tomorrow, or maybe in a few weeks. But, give it some time to bloom and you might be surprised.

How to Make Money Blogging

Now let’s get to the good stuff. How exactly do we make money blogging? There are 3 different ways which we will introduce you to. Browse throughout list and find the best method or methods that will work the best for your company or personal website. Remember to note not to go to crazy adding links, a messy layout can send clients running the other direction.

Advertising: An Oldie but Goodie

We all know that advertising is key. For this reason, there are several companies out there that will pay bloggers to feature an ad on their site. Think of this as a win-win situation with the company gaining recognition and the blogger gaining money. There are 2 types of ads to choose from, the better depending on the overall traffic coming to your site.

CPC/PPC: ‘Cost per click’ or ‘pay per click’ are the ads that we have all seen hanging out along websites. Usually in the form of a banner, the company will pay for each click that the banner receives. Now you know why they pop up in the most annoying places!

CPM: Cost per 1,000 impressions is a bit different, taking the total amount of people that view an ad into account before paying out.

*One suggestion for your first ad could be to work with Google AdSense. This is a powerful tool that will customize ads depending on your content. You will not need to do much else besides integrating a banner somewhere on the page and Google will handle the rest. Others to take a look into are Chitika, Infolinks, and

Private Ads: These are ads that cut out the middle man and get you in direct contact with companies. This comes with several benefits but are not so easy to come by. These types of offers can be found or will present themselves the more traffic you are see on your site and also the higher your position is among search engines.

Affiliate Links: The New Craze

The most popular program to date is the Amazon Affiliate Program. Perhaps you’ve heard of it but maybe are not sure what exactly it means. An affiliate is like an independent salesperson. You’re given a unique link that serves as your identity to the companies with which you’re working. Simply add the advertisement to your page and let the rest handle itself. Payments work when a buyer purchases items by clicking on your link. The company will pay out a percentage for each item sold by following your ad. Amazon by far is not the only company out there. If this sounds like something that can work better for you, search around the web a bit and partner with a company your visitors will love.

Memberships: Get Them Hooked

We have all come across something like this while visiting a new site for the first time. The key here is to establish value in your site, giving them enough access for a sneak peek and providing them with more of what your visitors will love at a monthly or annual price. This, however, is a bit challenging for newbies out there, as everyone knows that there is always some place that could be offering similar content for free. For this reason, when selling memberships, it is important to offer every person that visits your site a reason why they need to continue and a reason why they will benefit from becoming a member and getting access to what you’re offering.

Tips to Proper Execution

Now that you have some insight on a few ways to make your blog work for you, there are a few things to consider to be sure that you’re getting the best out of your site.

  1. Create fresh and quality content: At the end of the day, people are coming to your website and returning for a reason; your content. This is the most important thing that you can do to become successful and increase your income as a blogger.
  2. Blog, but don’t stop there: What we mean is, there are so many other important things to take into account when running a website. Spend some time making connections with online companies that are looking for partnerships and up and comers just like you.
  3. Keep visitors on their toes: One last tip, don’t lose your wild creative side. Do things that others aren’t doing, break the molds, and watch as more and more traffic begins to pour in.

We wish you the best of luck at creating the blog you’ve always dreamed of; and making it work effectively for you.