Are you getting a little bland with your content? Are you running out of ideas? We have all been there. Running blog is excellent and comes with a lot of freedom but, maybe you’ve fallen into a rut. If you’ve had it with the same old stuff, read on, because we have some spicy secrets that will get you fired up to write!

We have all heard the advice, those experienced and successful bloggers with followers galore always tell us to find a niche and stick to it. While this is great at first, it can leave you wondering what else you could possibly write. This can turn readers away from your blog, leaving you without a following and eventually without the determination to write. If you feel like you’re falling into or are already in the never-ending spin of niche blogging, not to worry. Changing your mindset and toying with a new and creative style can help turn your blog from blab to fab in seconds, getting both you and your readers excited for what is to come.

Teach ’em Something New

Any niche out there can use a good how-to. Readers like to take something out of reading your blog. This could be a new skill or a new way to do something. Give them an ‘out of the box’ way of thinking about something. Each and every niche has a ton of skills and tasks that can be taught, even if it is the tiniest thing. Get to the drawing board, go back to the basics, and give your readers a good how-to.

Source and Re-Source

There is new news hitting the shelves daily that affects every niche out there. Take a peek at headline news and think about what it could mean for the niche which you are writing for. There is no need to reach far, using top followed news sources to the down and dirty tabloids, there is just about anything that could mean something for your next post.

Popular Pop-Culture

Everyone loves a little bit of dirt, especially for the world’s rich and famous. If a headline drops with news of a well-known superstar, tie it in. There are so many sources and inspirations circling the web and newsstands daily that could add that extra spark to your posts. Give your readers something to talk about and something that they will want to share with friends, using the help of trending ideas and topics.

Get’em Laughing

Not all blogs have to be serious. Even the most serious of blogs could use a little laugh here and there. Now, thanks to the explosion of memes, it is easier than ever to find humor in just about anything. Make a joke out of your niche and point out why it is ridiculous or take on the point of view that is entirely outside your own. Incorporate a trending joke that never gets old, anything to bring a smile to your reader’s face, giving them that great happy hour topic.

Tip your way to the Top

There is not a reader out there that doesn’t like a good list of tips. Tips are fast and fun to read, giving those interested in your niche access to quick information. If you’ve got a blog without a post sharing tips, you need to get on it stat! Not to mention the extra points you’ll score with crawlers scanning for SEO friendly content. Tip your way to the top of browser searches, with a long list of tips that you’ll readers will be buzzing about.

Have an Interview

Q and A’s are great. You can write them in a beautiful and organized fashion while presenting the readers with answers to the questions they’ve been itching to ask. Find a local somebody and reach out to them to get involved or take a chance and reach out to online experts with lots of followers. Ask them both specific questions and out of the ordinary, giving your readers a little bit of a laugh to go along with the topic.

Talk some Smack

Do you know a super famous blogger in your niche? You know, the one that you had admired even before you started writing? A fun and creative way to get people’s attention is to start talking smack. Bash them about a recent post or voice your opinion on if it is contrary to theirs stirring up some friendly competition. We will say, however, you should prepare for the worst, especially if you are going after bloggers with tons of followers. They may also want to backlash and voice their opinions in favor of your competitor. Still, you’ll notice a bump in followers and be able to grab more attention in the process.

Write a Review

If there is a book or service within your niche, write a review about it. Tell the world your opinion on the product or publication, making sure to tie it directly into what you’re most passionate about. This could be another way to stir the air, bringing attention to your way. The more popular the book or service, the more likely your 5 minutes of fame will begin, possibly stretching into climbing the status ladder.

And Then?

If you don’t have any or all of these as part of your blog already, we will go ahead and say you’re welcome. You have a long list of great and new possibilities for your page that will have readers raving, spreading the news to their friends. This, of course, will score you more followers, lighting that fire once again. One of the best things about blogs and the written word is that the opportunities are endless; it might just take a little nudge in the right direction sometimes. Getting people riled up, talking, or laughing is one of the great joys of blogging and spreading your knowledge and writing around. Never write a boring blog again, spicing up your page with these eight suggestions. Write on!