Google had (in February 2019) announced the introduction of schema markup for the product owners. It had also mentioned the ways for merchants to provide more details through Google Manufacturer Center and Google Merchant Center, which will help in giving improved and increased information to the users to ensure a satisfactory shopping journey.

Have you always been interested to understand how your product results are performing in search? Time to enjoy! As Google declared that now you can pierce deeper to know how your product rich results are doing in search. On Nov 20, 2019, Google announced the addition of new filters in Google Search Console that help merchants to see how well their products are performing in products rich results search. According to this Google search console performance report, the merchants will be given stats of product rich results.

Google Search Console is an instrument that helps webmasters realize how the websites are doing on Google’s organic search. Google can network with webmasters to give information about site errors, penalties, and other issues associated with individual websites with a registered Search Console account. Google Search Console has brought in numerous changes supporting webmasters, which we will talk about here in brief.

What are Product Rich Results?

People visit Google for surfing, researching, and getting knowledge of products and brands to decide whether they should buy the item or not. Google Search Console has been assisting webmasters across the world with insightful information concerning the number of impressions, clicks, and other helpful metrics that support them in making crucial changes to the website, for instance, the devices used by the potential uses, geography and the queries.

If your e-commerce site has added Product Rich Snippet schema appropriately, starting today, you can perceive a new search appearance type “Product Results.” An extra-deep dive into this sector will give an entire breakdown of how your products performed on Google search. The data presented on the “Product Results” area of the search console will aid you in appreciating how the rich result features, for instance, the ratings, price, and accessibility of the product, helps in bringing the traffic. Product rich results are information carriers of specific products that help users in making their decision about a purchase.

Besides this, you will also find a comprehensive insight into the type of queries the target viewers used to get to your website. This can be a considerable accumulation to your audience research, as you can evaluate the most recent trends and turmoil in the shopping activities of the users. Below is a quick screenshot of what a product rich result looks like to give you some idea, but you can learn more about this in this developer document.

Speed report in Search Console – 04-10-2019

Google, via its official webmaster central blog, declared that the new Search Console has started showing the Speed report as one of its Enhancement traits. Google has been analyzing the speed report for a while. The preview edition of the same was exhibited during this year’s Google IO conference. The latest search console update is a sign of Google giving more significance to site speed. 

As said by the official announcement, the new Site Speed Enhancement Report will help webmasters to make out site speed issues as and when they arise and come up with proper fixes before the prospective users experience it. Google has made the study easy for webmasters as each page on a website will be provided with a speed result of “Fast,” “Moderate,” and “Slow.” This information is derived from the Chrome Users Experience Report, which is based on the metrics collected from the experience of actual users who use the Chrome browser.

The report is created for individual URLs, which makes it effortless for webmasters to turn up with fixes based on the particular inputs provided by the Search Console Speed Report. If you come across a site with a more significant part of its pages labeled as moderate or slow, it’s seriously advised to confirm the reasons that are causing the delay using the Page Speed Insight tool.

Once the problems that cause the slowdown is fixed, webmasters can ask for the Search Console to confirm the fix and amend the speed score. This provides the webmaster the explanation on whether the fix executed to speed up the page was conquering or not. The Speed Score is allocated to websites based on the total time taken for First Contentful Paint (FCP), which is the time it requires for the browser to turn into the first noticeable component on the page.

Google Search Console Includes New Reports for Video Results – October 08, 2019

Google is apparently making video searches on its platform more unproblematic for people. The search engine giant introduced two new tools to help webmasters realize the performance of their videos in search and recognize opportunities to develop video markups. People come upon videos in Google through these three useful ways:

· The major search result page

· The “videos” option in the search result page

· Recommended content in Google Discover feed

Where Can You Find New Search Console Performance Report?

If you have enlisted your website or it’s eligible for Product rich search results, then you can find these metrics by clicking on ‘Search Appearance’ and later on ‘Product Results.’ Here you can segregate the traffic to look over your product search performance. Here’s the screenshot of how the new Product Search results performance report looks like:

Why should you care?

The more performance data on ‘products result,’ the better for webmasters to understand the impact your products are creating on ‘Product Rich Results’ search query. Also, Google says, it’ll help you find out answers for:

· How much traffic is your website gaining from rich data like description, availability, or price?

· When traffic is dropping for your product, and for what search queries traffic is going down?