This is the century of the internet. Just like the search engines change all year round, search engine optimization does too. With various new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice search, the virtual landscape of the online environment is changing fast.

That is why starting to understand these changes before they become overwhelming is really important. This is especially important for the webmasters who want to keep the traffic on their websites steady and moving upwards. As 2019 comes near to an end, let’s look at the SEO trends of 2019 to understand better how the website graph moves.

Voice search

This is not a big surprise, though. It is one thing that everybody saw coming because there is so much talk about it in the market. With the growth of mobile internet, people are really moving out of old textbook typing and towards voice search options.

Big players are investing in teaching the machines about how to get instructions from voice commands, which ultimately is leading the path to voice search SEO. It is very much possible that by 2020 more than half of the commands or queries will come from voice search, so the only way to keep that traffic meter high is to get a hold on good voice search SEO.

Understand your audience

In the year 2019, understanding the needs, queries, and interests of the audience has become a big talking point. According to many experts in the Search engine journal, understanding the audience is now more than necessary as the competitions get steeper. The reason being, as time passes, it is becoming eventually obsolete to copy some search words to make an article SEO friendly. Now the search engine demands that the queries and interests of the audience be fulfilled throughout the whole content. So if the entire content can keep the attention of the audience intact, Google will reward you, and the client will invest in you.

Try to see beyond Google search

When it comes to search engines, Google has been the undisrupted king for many years now. At this moment, it is tough to believe that in the near future, there is any possibility of any other search engine giving a fierce competition to Google. But to take you by surprise, many SEO experts seem to believe that Google may start to get real competition from the likes of Amazon and Apple real soon. They may cut into and take a big bite out of the region that was once known as Google’s kingdom. 

Now SEO basically means showing up in any place where people are searching for something. Therefore webmasters need to buckle up and start seeing beyond Google in order to make their contents and eventually websites highlighted.

Good quality content

So this might sound like a cliché, but this is one thing which does not change over the years. This thing is trending for so many years, and 2019 has not been an exception either. The reason for that being the superiority of quality of the content over any trick. So maybe the SEO will bring the audience to your article, but it doesn’t have the capability of keeping them glued to it. The quality of the content will eventually do that. Therefore the whole content needs to be focused on pointed customer needs and interests. In this way, many things, including attracting the audience, making them interested in your content, and keeping your traffic meter can be achieved easily.

Data markup(Structured)

Structure data is the new favorite of the experts when it comes to online content and SEO trends. As far as search engines like Google are concerned, with the growing importance of artificial intelligence, structured data markup is becoming equally, if not more important. According to experts in the near future the more search engines shift towards artificial intelligence, the more structured data markup will help it to track relevance information. No matter how much-optimized content is, if it does not show up first or makes it too hard for the engine to let it out, it will never be able to achieve its full potential as the AI needs fast processing of the contents.

More technical SEO

More technical SEO means more business. Websites are growing very fast to become very complex places, thus making way for technical SEOs to be a success. There are some key areas on which the professional writers can focus. For instance, speed is one of those areas on which the technical side of SEO will be leaned. According to experts, sites have already started investing in their speed as search engines like Google has begun to reward them solely because of their mobility. 

Another area of interest would be javascript because the new year means that the websites will be much more javascript driven. Therefore webmasters now need to get a little bit more familiarized about javascript and how Search engine optimization is made to achieve their full potential with websites that are java script-driven. The final one to think about is PWA. PWA means progressive web apps. In 2019 these were a big talking point. So, to keep up with the running winds, people will have to think about how their websites can become PWAs in the future. Not just the transformation but also the sustainability of that website is also important, like why would your clients want to keep your PWAs on their web screens.

There are so many trends that have been set in 2019, and if you want to make it as a successful webmaster, then you have got to make yourself savvy with these changes. Cheers!