The power of effective digital marketing cannot be ignored in this technically advancing globe. An expertly executed marketing and advertising campaign are capable enough to serve the necessity of any business and help in the increment of the demand for the product or service they offer.

But with the advent of time change or modernization, while the need for marketing is still essential, the exact points where digital marketing is most useful have changed a lot. This has been leading to risk in the survival of personalization projects by expert digital marketers, and we fear that these projects will be drastically endangered within a few years, mainly by 2025.

The demand of Audiences

Most of you might be facing problems regarding the campaigning of personalized projects as they are not hitting the spot or all your marketing efforts are getting wasted. Do not worry! You are not the only one in this world of personalized marketing crisis. According to the latest message from analyst firm Gartner, four in five marketers will abandon personalization efforts by the middle of the next decade. Personalization, as you know, is about creating a one to one marketing experience with the customers or users. It also includes collecting sufficient and qualitative data about your audience. Charles Golvin, the senior director analyst in the Gartner for Marketers Practice, has penned down the argument that the audience has recently changed their opinions regarding the mode of digital marketing. They are drifting away from the personalization of marketing as they are against treating the brands as their friends or even pretend to be one. It seems that the audiences are demanding of some different marketing styles from their followed companies. It is high time that the marketers adopt the basics of marketing and learn before diving into an investigation of personalization technology and new tactics to promote their brands.

Personalization with Professional Touch

A professional touch of promotion or introduction will attract the audience more, it seems. Moreover, the current consumers are logical as well as practical enough to believe in a company’s outcome and work rather than its friendly approach. So it is not so easy to win their trust nowadays, keep that in mind. To ease out the concerns of the companies, Gartner has some suggestions as well. It recommends that brands and companies need to leverage a pilot or proof of concept with a vendor before investing. Focusing on the strategic plan and all over management is extremely important to reach out to the massive population. Personal data has always been the fuel to the fire of digital marketing. Still, with new techniques tactics and demands of the customers, new ways and devices to leverage the entire marketing system are cropping up, thus backstabbing personalization.

Most importantly, the current web world demands something different that is capable of tailoring to its interests. The audiences have been feeling monotonous by similar banners and advertisements about millions of companies for several years. So now it is justified for them to demand something innovative and new apart from the personal notes and approaches of the companies to win more consumers. Brands must avoid getting carried away with personalization because while it helps improve the customer experience, it is not the final word for a vital segment like digital marketing. Yes, you heard it right! Over the years, the noise about digital transformation has given rise to some mandatory tricks and misconceptions, one among them being personalization.

While personal notes in the content of your marketing page tend to impress and attract the readers fast, it also possesses few disadvantages. With personalization, we tend to limit choices and reduce cognitive load, but at the same time, make it seem like comprehensive. This limitation of choices can isolate the users from many options on the web page and, most dangerously, play the role of mirroring human bias or prejudice present in an algorithm’s training data.

Apart from this kind of transparency that personalization showcases, it is itself quite mundane. With personalization as one of our weapons in digital marketing, we are mostly talking about automation of follow up messaging or fairly prosaic product recommendations. Yes, we agree with you that these features are most precious for the marketers. Still, if taken on their own, they rarely amaze the customers because they seem to project only the optimistic points of a brand, rather than providing an all-over introduction of the company to the consumers.

Study to evaluate

After studying several surveys, we have also got proof that customers not always want personalization. Rather, the majority of customers are frustrated by impersonal experiences, and what they truly desire is more akin to excellent customer service. Many of the customers are probably thinking of more than just simple e-commerce product recommendations. Still, you are mistaking them to be your repeated purchasers, thus bringing the fate of your company by your misunderstandings. Thus if you are a digital marketer yourself or a company owner, then try to drift away slightly from personalization and stick to these major points- static, identity, insight-driven, enriched insight, single customer view, and predictive optimist. What we mean to suggest is, go for customization instead of personalization.

After escalating through the article till now, you might have already developed an idea about the term personalization in digital marketing. But customization, on the contrary, is all about giving people the liberty to be able to create a product or service based on their particular taste. It puts the audience in the center, having complete control over everything instead of driving them through a company’s will power. For example, if you own a free online graphs and chart maker, you can ask your web designer to include plenty of customizable templates so that the users can change the fonts, layouts, according to their wish.

Thus the current century’s audience demands to control and study logically rather than trusting you blindly. Design your marketing style by allowing them to customize and go through every detail of your company professionally.